Having 18-55 lens,what is best Afs vr 55-200 or Tamron for My nikon D3200

having D3200 Nikon Body with 18-55 lens.want to bought zoom lens for wildlife pic or pic taken from distance,what is best option and why ?currently I shortlisted Nikon Afs 55-200 VR II ,is it right choice for my D3200 or any other options with same quality of pictures in same price Range.


  • I haven't checked recently, but does Tamron offer a 55-200 with image stabilization? If not, then I'd go for the Nikon, whose VRII works very well. Image stabilization (aka VR) is very useful, especially at longer focal lengths. Because the D3200 can get rather noisy at higher ISO, anything you can do to keep ISO lower can help.
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