Wide angle lens

Im considering purchasing a wide angle lens for my dx3100. Any recommendations please. Bought the sigma 150 600mm contempory lenses after a recommendation from this forum, and very pleased with it.


  • Unfortunately one of the nicest inexpensive wide angles, the new Nikon 10-20P, will not work on your camera (can't even manually focus), but Sigma makes a 10-20 as well, which I've heard is good, and Tokina an 11 to 16 F2.8 which many people seem to think is one of the best.

    With usual disclaimer, that I don't own any of these except for the Nikon 10-20 which does work on a D7100, though not at all on a D3200.

    There are some older Nikon lenses in the range, but I think they're going to be pretty expensive even used, and I'd look at the possible offerings from Sigma and Tamron. Both of the ones mentioned appear to be on sale currently at B&H, and worth a look. If you can tolerate the size, I am guessing the Tamron would be pretty hard to beat.
  • Thanks for quick response, will check lenses out.
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