How to keep Continuous shooting on between shots

I notice that on my D5100, when I set the release mode to continuous, once I let go of the shutter it reverts back to single. I would like it to stay on continuous until I put it back to single myself. Is there a way to do this? I have read mixed answers online.


  • I'm away from home and from the D3200 to check it out for sure, but it's my recollection that it should stay on continuous unless you turn the power off, but will revert if you turn it off. As far as I know there's no remedy for that and no way to change the default behavior. I'll double check when I get home but I'm traveling with a D7100 whose settings are hard switched, so can't be sure yet.
  • Update: I checked the D3200, and had remembered it wrong. It stays on continuous mode even after a power down. I tried this several different ways, including setting it both from the release mode button and the "i" button and it works the same. It also stays on continuous if you remove and re-install the battery. I note from the D5100 manual that you can also change it on that model using the Fn button or the menu, neither of which you can do on the D3200, but there's no other indication that it should behave differently.

    On the D3200, the self timer and remote settings do not persist. The self timer reverts after a single use, and the remote, though it stays set for multiple shots, reverts when the camera is switched off.

    I note that the behavior is different if you use the full auto mode, and in particular if you switch out of the green mode it will revert to single and may behave oddly if it flashes. In the P,S,A and M modes it's consistent. It might also be worth trying different ways of turning it to multiple. So, for example, if you're using the Fn button now, try doing it in the "i" menu instead.

  • I ended up playing with my camera that weekend, and it did stay on continuous shooting. I am trying to remember what caused it to revert back to single in the past.
  • Glad it recovered. I had a brief and unrepeated incident a few years ago in which the only button that worked on the D3200 was the shutter mode button, which when pressed would wake the others up. I suspect dirt or moisture or static electricity might have bothered the circuit board. It went away and never came back. Perhaps this is the same sort of thing.
  • My camera has acted up a couple of times. One of the times it was changing the aperture and shutter speed on its own between shots on manual mode. That required a camera reset to get rid of :)
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