Uploading pics from camera ??

Does the D3300 come with something to get pics from camera to smartphone (iPhone here) and/or to Facebook or do you need to buy something additional to do this? Same question for the D3400; although I am leaning towards buying a 3300.

Thanks in advance!


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    The D3400 has "snapbridge" using bluetooth, which is designed to transfer images to a smartphone. It does not do conventional wifi. The D3300 requires a plug-in adapter to do wifi connectivity, the WU-1A, which costs somewhere near 60 bucks and plugs into one of the ports on the side, so it's something you'd likely have to take off and put back on.

    The D3300 has a couple of features that are dropped in the D3400, including sensor cleaning shaker built in, metering support for earlier AF lenses, and a rear infrared sensor for remote firing (it still has one on the front), but both are pretty similar otherwise.

    Snapbridge on the D3400 will apparently not transmit Raw images, only JPG. I'm not sure what the case is for the wifi on the D3300.

    I've heard various opinions on the working of Snapbridge, and early implementations apparently were pretty buggy, but I think the latest version is fairly workable (earlier D3400s might need firmware update). So if you're really dependent on this, I think the 3400 is your choice. Expect to take some time and effort setting it up.

    If you have any device which can connect by hard wire between camera and USB, things are much easier. A computer can read the camera as a drive, but I presume such options are not readily available on a smartphone.

    e.t.a. apparently it is fairly easy to get a USB to OTG connector for a smartphone, with which one can use external USB accessories and standard cables. The Nikon camera comes with a micro-USB to USB cable, and it may be possible to use that wired. If wired transfer is possible and tolerable, your options are much less limited.

  • While I have never used them myself, wi-fi enabled SD cards (such as EyeFi Mobi) should be able to transfer images from DSLR to a mobile phone. These are more expensive than standard SD cards but have the advantage of being exactly the same size as standard SD cards. Therefore no need to have to carry around adapters, cables etc. Just use in place of a normal card. Apparently they do drain the camera battery more quickly due to the battery having to power the wi-fi.
    Might be worth considering?

    There are other brands who produce similar cards, such as Transcend and Toshiba. There is plenty on the internet about each of the brands.

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