What would be an everyday glass for a D800.


  • This camera is way above my photography abilities.
  • I think it depends a little on your budget, but the 24-120 F4 zoom covers a pretty good range for general use. That's more or less the "kit" lens for the D750. Nikon makes a 24-70 2.8 that's said to be very nice, but also quite expensive.

    Just in general, for a full frame camera, 50 mm would be approximately "normal," so part of what you need to decide is how much wider or longer than normal you're going to need.

    You might want to check out used dealers such as KEH. com to see what they have in the range you want. The 24-120 is a bit expensive by itself, but was hugely discounted when bought as a kit with the D750, so some may be found at a reasonable price (this is a bit like the 18-140 that was a kit on the D7100 - much cheaper in the bundle than alone).
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