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What speed SD card should I use with a D3300? Will this choice affect how many shots I can take in burst mode? Will buying a super fast card make any difference?


  • I believe the D3300 like other recent Nikons does not gain any advantage with cards greater than UHS-1, so what you probably need to do is browse around for the best deal and fastest UHS-1 cards. If not UHS-1, then Class 10. I've had good luck with Samsung. Not all cards behave the same, even when the numbers are the same, so your best bet is probably to browse the web for opinions.

    There should be some effect with burst mode, but no card will increase or decrease the built in buffer. If you get, say, 7 frames in Raw mode, you'll get that even with the slowest card. What differs is the time it takes to read that buffer into memory. The fastest cards will finish reading a file or two into memory before the buffer has filled, and when it slows down will not slow down as much. And if you confine your bursts to a number that does not entirely fill the buffer, you'll be able to repeat those bursts sooner. You may not notice a big difference between a good one and a better one but you will indeed notice a difference with old, slow cards.
  • Just as a heads-up, I was at a Best Buy store today and they had Sandisk 64 gig. UHS-1 (class 10) cards on sale for $19.99. It may have been a mixup, or something, as the ones on the clearance rack were 89.99 and the ones on the regular rack were 19.99, and they rang up wrong, but when I noted the issue they honored the price. That's a couple of bucks cheaper than the same card from reputable dealers like B&H, so it might be worth a look.

    Beware of some internet dealers and the like, as there's been a bunch of counterfeit cards turning up. Some are relabeled to higher capacities than they actually have. Stick to the reputable places even if it costs a few bucks more.

    64 is pretty big and puts a lot of eggs in one basket if you don't back up until the card is full. I back up more often, but like to keep files on the card too when traveling as an extra backup.
  • Thank you very much, your reply was very useful.
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