Camera Won't Shoot After Auto-Focus

No matter what lens I use, whether I use back-button focus (which I usually do) or the shutter button, my D3100 frequently refuses to take a shot after using auto-focus. Switching the lens to Manual after focusing works, but the extra time taken often means a missed shot or lost composition.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


  • It should default to release priority with back button, if you let the button go, but if you continue to hold the button, it's the same as shutter button focus, and focus priority. Make sure the focus square has not moved.

    If the camera is working right, when you let go of the focus button in BBF, it should fire with the lens cap on.
  • I'm definitely not holding the button while shooting: I focus, release, shoot -- that is, when the camera decides to do so! But it displays the same behavior even when the shutter button is used for focus.
  • Since the camera's auto focus is always set to "focus priority," this would be expected behavior when using the shutter button, if focus is not achieved. But it should switch to release priority when you let go of the back button when using the viewfinder (BBF may not work correctly in Live view), and it should always fire when you let go of the button.

    So my guess is that if the camera is not behaving correctly here, something is wrong. I've been trying to find any way in which my D3200 would behave this way, and cannot.

    About the only thing I can think of is a camera malfunction, perhaps a stuck contact. Aside from that, if this is a recent development, perhaps going through the AF controls and resetting them, in the hope that it will undo some glitch in the software. While you're at it, perhaps try a different memory card, though I think an error in that would trigger a message. But anything might be worth a try.
  • Thanks! I'll try those suggestions. It has only started within the past year or so.
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