Help! How to get info off images?

On the bottom right corner of all of my images, there’s info that says my camera, my lens, Aperture , etc... i don’t know how to get it off. It hadn’t done this until recently.

P.s. it’s still there after transferring files to my laptop.


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    It's a little difficult to know without knowing what model camera is involved, as I imagine Canon and Nikon differ on this.

    I know of no Nikon option that saves all that information on file download, but there is an option (you'll find it in the setup menu on a D3200 at least) for "print date," which will permanently imprint the date on a photo. This, unlike the usual EXIF information, is embedded in the image and can only be cropped or cloned out if it's there.

    There is also an option in the Pictbridge software that imprints info on images printed directly from the camera. You should find info on this in the same place your instructions specify the print date option (page 144 for a D3200)

    Beyond this, the only way I know to get all that info on a Nikon download might be if you have some way of downloading an image in the form it's played back in. I confess I have not yet tried this, as I always download my images from the card in a card reader, and always shoot Raw, which does not allow date imprint anyway.

    The first thing I'd do, after perusing the instructions (which may take a while for a Nikon as some parts are poorly indexed and translated from the Martian), would be to change the display option on the camera. Look for a playback option (also found in the menu for a Nikon) that gives you the image alone with no info. If your camera is downloading what it sees in the playback, this should do it.

    If this is a Canon, I don't know, but I suspect there will be an option somewhere that allows you to embed or not embed information on images.

    Edit to add: as I pretty much suspected but had not remembered well enough, when you download files directly from a Nikon camera, it disables playback, and the files are not altered in any way by the playback options in either Raw or JPG modes. When the "Print Date" option is selected, all JPG images have the date, or the date and time, printed in the lower right of an image no matter how it is downloaded. Models other than the D3200 may have other options for display, but I have not checked.
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