setting Yongnu flash into my camera

How to set it up? its display works without problems, the flash just won't get triggered, am I missing something?


  • Is this a manual or a TTL flash? I would first try setting the flash to manual mode, if it's not already there, and then firing the camera. This camera should always fire a manual flash in any mode. It doesn't matter in this case whether the shot is good, just whether the flash fires.

    If it doesn't fire manually, I'd send the flash back. If it is a TTL flash that fires manually, I imagine it's time to crack the books (I don't know the flash or the way it might interact with the camera, so can't provide specific help).

    I've used a bunch of older manual and auto-thyristor flashes on a D3200, with good results, and never had one that did not fire. Do make sure, if this is a new flash, that its contacts are uncovered, and that it's fully slid into the shoe, and locked.
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