Want to buy D7200 with one year manufacturer international warranty

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Dear all,

Currently I am a student in UK and next year I will be going back to my home country. Now I have decided to buy a D7200, so browsing the prices and warranty options. In UK, the Nikon authorised dealers are giving two years UK warranty and therefore their price is quite high. As I will not be living in UK from next year, I don't need two years UK warranty. There are non-authorised sellers (grey market) who sell much cheaper but they give no manufacturer warranty (they have their own seller's warranty options though).

What I am exactly looking for is a manufacturer's one year international warranty which is applicable irrespective of the countries. I also presume, one year warranty will be little cheaper than the two year warranty product.

It would be a great help if anyone is aware of such offer.

Thanks in advance.


  • This can get pretty tricky, depending on where your home country is. Nikon in general will, so it seems, honor the warranty from another country if you keep all your paperwork, but if you buy a gray market item anywhere you're pretty well out of luck with Nikon unless you can send the equipment back to Japan.

    I know of no in-between situation where you can get any warranty but whatever the official importer offers. At least for the present, a UK Nikon warranty will be effective throughout the European Union, and ought to be effective anywhere. If in doubt, though, I'd suggest you do a Google search, or ask directly from Nikon UK, to see what the warranty might be in your home country.

    Gray market deals often look better than they are. Although there are legitimate and honest dealers who sell gray market, some are dishonest enough to break up kits, remove standard items, substitute third party batteries, older versions of lenses, and so on. At the moment, a D7200 looks to be one of the best priced Nikons out there, and I'd seriously consider going for the higher price. Although policies vary on repair, you should know that in the US and probably Canada as well, Nikon USA may not only refuse warranty work on gray market cameras, but may not perform any service at all. There has been some relaxation on some models and problems (the D750 shutter recall, for example), but Nikon USA is pretty far out of the global loop!

    Here is a link to a discussion by Thom Hogan about this confusing issue. He is, of course, speaking from the US perspective, and it's a couple of years old, so your situation might differ:

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