Macro Settings for Fuji Finepix

Hello I'm a beginner with macro photography. I have only used the auto settings on my Fuji Film Finepix S5200. Recently I've wanted to branch out and explore the other settings on my camera like S, M, A. My special area of interest is macro. I have taken some pretty decent photos on auto but would like to see if I can do better on the other settings. I have been googling and youtubing info on the settings but most of the info involves expensive macro lens which I can't afford and won't fit my point and shoot. Can anyone give me some tips on ISO, F-Stops, Aperture, lighting? I shoot mostly flowers in macro. I realize I'll never get the up close some get using a macro lens but I would like to improve on what I've been using. Lately, I've been practicing with my flowering house plants because here in Ontario there is not much blooming yet. But once Summer comes I want to get some awesome photos. Any help, tips instructions would be welcome.


  • Hi @MARILN777
    Your camera has a macro mode which focuses from 10cm (4 inches) up to 2metres (just under 8 feet).
    In this mode you will get very close to flowers. Your main concern is lighting as your camera would be very close to the subject. There are 3rd party ring lights which claim to be universal and are also very cheap these days, but they require a hot-shoe socket on the top of your camera which you haven't got. The inbuilt flash is no use at close range.
    Using natural daylight is possible. For indoor work, you may consider a product lighting box using daylight bulbs. Another thing you need to consider is a small tripod. Your camera has an anti-blur feature, but not image stabilization.
    As for settings I would suggest as a trial
    Shutter (S) priority at 1/125
    Auto ISO on
    Auto white balance on
    Self timer mode
    Aperture (A) priority F3.5
    and same as above.

    One thing I can't seem to find out about your camera is if it has a filter screw thread. If it has, you might like to investigate close up lenses which are quite inexpensive.
    Hope I have given you some food for thought.
    Best regards
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