Error. Press Shutter Release Button Again

Has anyone faced an issue with D5200 where the mirror is not stuck but does not lift up and only shutter operates and the display keeps showing "Error. Press Shutter Release Button Again" no matter how many times you press it? if yes, what could be the issue and how to solve it by oneself before taking it to the service center?


  • I have heard of some issues with the shutter stop jamming and preventing the shutter from lifting. But I think that shows as a stuck mirror also. If you can lift the mirror with a finger, it's not that.

    As far as I know there's no ready solution to this if the mirror is lifting. Can you enter Live View? That also lifts the mirror, and if the mirror does not go up for that, I would guess that its mechanism is not working, which is pretty bad news and suggests it's time for service.
  • the mirror is not stuck, I can move it up and down without any traction; I see that the shutters are also operating without any issue when the mirror is lifted up manually; but there is no movement of mirror as it has to be; its not even trying to move, not even any kind of noticeable friction of shake either; just stays still, not stuck for sure; the error on screen does not go;

    the mirror lock up option in the menu is disabled after this happened;

    shutter count is around 79914 which is way beyond failure point of D5200 as per specs;

    I had a stuck mirror problem at shutter count of 71775 a couple of months ago and just fixed it with the usual trick of aligning the mirror and now this :-(

    I always had thought this was a reliable camera;
  • btw I cannot enter liveview as well;
  • I was going to ask that, and I presume that the "mirror up for sensor cleaning" entry in the menu also won't lift it. I'm guessing that there is something broken in the linkage that lifts the mirror.
  • okay so there's nothing that can be done apart from taking it to a service center?
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