Auto focus on video recording

Hi! I hope someone can help. My sister is using my D5100 and she just rang me saying that the Autofocus Is slow and when recording video the autofocus shuts off. Body problem? Lens problem?


  • Some of this may be a Nikon issue, in that its autofocus in video is less than great, but make sure that the AF is set to AFF in Live View. If in AFS it will focus only once and then stop. When you enter Live View, a different auto focus setting menu appears, so the settings made for the viewfinder do not apply. As far as I know LV focus is the same for stills and video. You probably also want subject-tracking, but might experiment with other modes.

    Also make sure that the focus point is centered or at the point where it's wanted, as it can easily be moved by accident.
  • Thank you! My Camera will be on its way home to me again today, so i will play around with it and see if its just the settings or not
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