Hello! I have a Nikon d3100 with a 18-55mm lens kit, I have problems with grains in the picture in any situation. Is the problem in the kit, in the lighting? I wanted to know if anyone can help me with this, I want to enter the world of cinema as a child, and now that I'm older, I want to be able to get the best of what I have.

Below a video:


  • I don't know much about video, but I'd check the ISO you're using. It looks as if the scene is not very badly lit, but not as brightly as it might be, and I suspect that if you have your setting at auto ISO, it's going uncomfortably high.

    If you don't want to get out of automatic modes, you can set the maximum ISO in auto ISO to limit it to levels you can tolerate.

    Of course if you want maximum video performance, as with still performance, a faster lens will help, but with what you have I'd suggest looking at ISO level, making sure you have as much light as possible, and possibly opting for a lower video quality if you need to get longer shutter speeds.
  • I would add that as a general rule, grain occurs not only with high ISO but with relatively low exposure. If you darken a bright scene it will reduce noise, whereas if you lighten a dark scene it will increase it. The brighter a picture is lit, the less obtrusive grain will be. If you can get away with it, you may do better to light your scene rather more than you'll actually want. You don't want to blow highlights, but the brighter your exposure, the more information it holds, and the less grain.
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