A warning I didn't find in any user manual

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My name is Daniel and I'm new at this forum. The first thing I should say is english is not my native languaje so I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough. I'm looking for helping to understand some warning that I couldn't find in D5300 manuals and books I got. More specifically, a *!* that sometimes appears next to the shot counter when playing pictures. For example: 25/28!
Thanks in advance.


  • Does it happen only for certain pictures or does it happen sometimes for all of them.

    I believe it may do so for a low battery. I don't have a Nikon on hand at the moment (away from home) but you might check the battery. Also if it is in a triangle it may indicate that a file was accidentally headed for deletion, but not completely deleted yet (with the OK button).

    I can't remember now if there's any indication in the camera of a file that's been edited in the camera. I know there is in the Nikon software, a symbol that looks like a paint brush. If you edit files in the camera, that might be an indicator of which ones they are, but I can't remember now.
  • Hi Bruto,
    It was not a battery problem, because shots taken immediately after this had not got a "!", and the shot was not edited. Thank you anyway.
  • Sorry I can't help further. Next week when I get home I'll see if I can do anything on my D3200 or D7100 to induce that message. I don't recall ever seeing it, and the internet is (as you already know) no help.

    About the only other thing I can think off remotely is the possibility that you have a glitchy memory card, and the read was not perfect. If this is a new issue and has only occurred with some specific memory card, you might try changing cards and see if it shows up again.
  • Hi Bruto,
    You don't have to say sorry... thanks for the interesting in helping me. The glitchy memory card is a posibility, I've never thought about that. Thank you. If I find the answer, I will share it here just in case someone get the same situation.
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