sd card issues

i recently got my canon t3i around christmas and at first it would allow me to get all the pictures off the sd card onto my phone but here lately it wont allow me to transfer some. i can view them on my camera and computer but can not save them onto the computer or email them. any advice on how to fix this problem?


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    It is very unusual that you can transfer some, but not all. If you can view them it would suggest that the card is not corrupted. Not sure what method you use to transfer pictures, but have you tried the direct route?
    If you use a card reader then insert your card and open file explorer in Windows. Your card should show up as an extra drive and it might even be named as 'EOS'. Navigate through the menus until you find a list of your pictures. At the top of file explorer, click on 'select all' and then drag and drop them into your Temp (or suitable) folder on your hard drive.
    If you use a USB cable to connect your camera to your computer, the method above is the same.
    If this works and it usually does(even corrupted files are copied) then replace your card in your camera and format it. Always format your card in the camera never on your computer - the same is true for deleting photos.
    I hope this solves your problem, but if not, try a different card. If that doesn't solve the problem, them I'm stumped.
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