Autofocus problem

hello,i have a nikon d5200,the problem is i can't access the autofocus mode,i have try everything,change the settings,put the lens in auto then manual vice versa.Its like the autofocus mode is not working,i can only use manual to focus.


  • First, if you can, try a different lens to eliminate the possibility that it's a bum lens.

    Next, reseat the lens, and clean the electronic contacts, and see if it wakes up. Don't use anything abrasive, but a swab and some rubbing alcohol can work if you don't have actual contact cleaner.

    Also, check that the AF mode in the camera itself has not accidentally been changed. You can set the camera itself to manual and it will then disregard the lens switch.

    I am assuming that the lens does not autofocus at all either in viewfinder or Live View. If it works in LV but not viewfinder, the problem may be in the camera's AF (not very nice).
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