Big Portrait

Hi New to this forum, I wanted to ask about what Lens to use for a big portrait something that will not come out pixilated.


  • The pixellation of an image is not a property of the lens but of the resolution of the image and the sensor. You will get a sharper image with a better lens, but this will not be quite the same. You should be able to get to 11 x 14 without any problem, and have decent results up to a 2 x 3 foot poster size if the printing is well done. Remember, too, that the larger the print, the further away it's viewed from. A billboard, for example, actually does not require all that many pixels.

    I would guess that the best lens to use for a big portrait would be a good quality prime lens, such as the 50/1.8 or the 35/1.8. Both of those if well used should be more than sharp enough to blow up. But even the regular kit lens should do pretty well if you're careful with focus.

    As far as pixels are concerned, what you must mostly do is make sure that you have chosen the highest resolution and quality of image. Raw is likely to be the best, but if you must shoot JPG, make sure you have chosen both the largest and least compressed mode.

    Try to get your portrait as close as you can to correct in the camera, so that you do not need to crop. Use a tripod if you can, for the steadiest shot, and set your ISO as low as you can. ISO 100 will give you the least digital noise and the best dynamic range.
  • Thank you so much for all the info, you don’t know how much this helps me out. Thank you
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