Dark Aperture Priority images

I had Moose’s cheat sheets for a recent trip to Paris. I used the camera in Manual mode to take landscape photos but when I used it again in Aperture Priority mode it would not automatically adjust the brightness of the image. So I had to use it in Manual mode the remainder of my trip to get enough light on my photo. It was beyond frustrating. Is there someway to “reset” so when in Aperture Priority mode it will automatically adjust the brightness?


  • The most likely reason for underexposed images in one of the semi-auto modes is setting the camera with negative exposure compensation. This can be quite easy to do by accident, especially if you have previously been adjusting shutter speed and aperture manually in Manual mode.

    In Aperture Priority mode, check for something like "-2EV" in the viewfinder when you half press the shutter. Simply dial the exposure compensation back to zero by pressing the exposure compensation button(located by the shutter button) while rotating the command dial.

    The exposure compensation button doubles up as aperture selector in Manual mode, so it is easy to change setting by accident. I know, I have done it!

  • Thanks MartinH! I think that worked.
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