Problems with Auto Focus

Acquired this camera yesterday and having problems with focus lock. When I half press and lod down I do not see the focus lock green button in the bottom left corner - is this something I've missed in settings please ?


  • That green light should work even with manual lenses when they're focused.

    Make sure the focus is actually working, and that you are actually getting focus lock. Since this camera is always in focus priority, if the AF is set correctly, it should not fire without acquiring focus. Make sure that AF is engaged in both the lens and the camera.
  • Thanks for the reply - since found a Nikon chat line - after a number of checks they're recommending sending camera back to them for a check
  • I obviously didn't read the Nikon lady's replies correctly and kept resetting the shooting menu - not the set up options :-( everything now OK - no doubt I'll be back to this forum - thanks for your help
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