How can I completely disable the screen after taking a picture?


I am using my Nikon d3200 to make time lapse photography with an intervalometer. Every time I take a picture the LCD screen turns on. I've managed to disable the "image review", but I still get the "information display" for a few seconds. I want to completely avoid the screen from turning on in order to save battery... Does anybody know if this is possible?

Thanks a lot!!


  • In the setup menu, turn "auto info display" off. This will disable both the half-press lighting of the info display before a shot, and the opening of the screen after. The screen will come on when you first turn the camera on, and when you activate the flash, and goes off when you push the shutter button half way. Push the "info" button when you do need it, and turn it off again with the shutter button. It should stay off when shooting unless there's something odd about the way the intervalometer works.
  • Uoo... that solved it! I was looking in the wrong places!
    Thanks so so much!! Have a great day :D
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