Lenses are confusing

I am very green on how to use my camera. sometimes my pictures comes out ok, other times it there but all blurry. i like to shoot outdoor pictures, but also like to shoot pictures of unusual buildings. I do take some pictures indoor of people but mainly informal situations. anyways, i have the basic kit camera lens:
1. Lens-Nikon Nikkor AF-P DX 18/55
2. Lens- HD MC AF 2x2 Telephoto 55mm
3. Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 55-200
4. Lens- Macro 55mm.
I am considering investing in a new lens but all the information on a lens can be confusing. for example, some lens has a G or D on it (f/1.8d) what points or types should i focus on so i don't get a a incorrect lens? i am using a Nikon D3300.


  • For the Nikon D3300, if you want fully functional auto exposure and auto focus, you must have an AF-S or AF-P lens. These are auto focus lenses that have the motor built into the lens. Other brands will have other designations, but the point is that the camera does not have its own auto focus motor, nor does it have a meter linkage for manual lenses. Older Nikon AF and AF-D and AF-G lenses will meter but will not autofocus. Manual lenses will not only be manual focus, but will not meter. Almost every Nikon F mount lens can be used, but it will be completely manual and meterless.

    If you're in the mood to experiment and find good bargains on older lenses, they can be quite nice to use, but you will have to guess the metering or use an external meter.

    I am not sure what the second and fourth lenses in your list are, but the first and third mae a pretty good basic kit. If you're having difficult with sharpness here, I suggest you work on the technique of using them and selecting the proper auto focus settings first, before looking at other lenses. Those both should get you quite decent results.

    If you're new on this, you may want to look for more guidance, cheat sheets, and so forth, as a way of getting out of the automatic modes. Auto mode on this camera severely limits your choice of settings, including auto focus. Remember it's a digital camera, and you're very unlikely ever to wear it out, so try everything. Learn by doing and erase your mistakes.

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  • Sorry, for some reason site is choking on last sentence. If you have not already done so, get the full PDF manual for the camera, either from Nikon's web page or the accompanying CD.
  • Thanks, I did get the PDF manual and making some quick reference list on how to change certain setting and planning to take a class or two on photography. for me, its more needing to learn how to correct the problems I do find. but its like anything, you wont be a master overnight. Thanks!!
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