Led display

Having trouble keeping the LED display on for more than a few seconds. Anyone any ideas to fix this please


  • There are energy setting options in the menu, and my guess is that one of these is not set to your liking. Look for "Auto Information Display" and "Auto Off Timers" in the setup menu. You can set whether the information display stays on while you're using the camera, and also how long various displays stay lit.

    Remember that the more stuff you leave on, the more battery you use. It's of little importance normally, but if you're on a day's outing, or traveling, make sure you have enough battery power and carry a spare.

    You'll find this on pages 136 and 140 of the PDF reference manual. If you don't know already, the printed manual that came with the camera is severely abridged, and the full manual is on the accompanying CD. If you don't have that, it can be downloaded from Nikon's website for free.
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