D3100 books

I'm new to photography. What is the best book on D3100 based photography?


  • Well I'm new to this site, and it has a lot of great info on it about D3100 based photography. However, when I first got my camera, I invested in --D3100 for Dummies (one of those dummies books) - got it on Amazon in PDF form - and it was so helpful in translating camera-speak into plain English as well as going over every operational part of the camera and how it works. It's worth a look see. Good luck.
  • Though I have a sort of reluctance to recommend "Dummies" books because I think it's probably a bad idea to self-identify that way (you can be ignorant of some technology and still very smart!), what I've seen of them suggests that they're fairly good in laying out the basic operations, and for a book what you want mostly, I think, is a real guide to the buttons and functions. Once you know what everything does and how it does it, you are free to experiment, and to use other resources, including those not at all specific to the camera model, to hone your art.

    In the mean time, please make sure that you get from the cd if you have it or download from Nikon if you don't, the full PDF version of the owners' manual. The printed one for many low end models is abridged and leaves great hunks of info out. The PDF is pretty complete. In computer readable form it's fairly easy to find information when you need it.

    I think there are some other books around as well, but suspect that the "dummies" book is probably a reasonable bargain.

    And (reminding one that I do not have any affiliation, and personally make some choices rather differently) one should mention that the "cheat cards" featured here are a useful option for doing an end run around the instructions. Basically, they provide a set of tested settings for specific situations, which will get you where you need to go. You can use the settings without quite understanding why, and as you gain experience, either stick with them or vary them as needed, gaining more control than you can ever get from auto mode.
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