Lense attachments

I am looking for an attachment I saw once that gives your lenses longer focus. Does anyone know what I am looking for?


    The item you are looking for is called an extender or teleconverter. They extend your reach by 1 1/4 to 2 times typically. Canon make their own (which are expensive) and there are plenty of 3rd party types. However, not all lenses work with extenders, so you have to check the properties of the lenses you wish to use an extender with.
    Be prepared for light fall-off and softer images. A 2x extender will turn an F4 lens into an F8 lens. As a rule, I would prefer to crop rather than use an extender.
    If you are making this inquiry because you fancy doing more wildlife photography etc. I would suggest that you look at a longer focal length lens rather than use an extender. But if a new lens isn't in your budget, then an extender will certainly be a cheaper option.
  • Whoever you are thank you for that information. I do have a couple of lenses, a 700-300mm and the 18-55mm. But you know what it’s like, those pesky birds and wildlife don’t play ball when your trying to get close. Thank you again. I didn’t know if I would get a response.
  • Hi again @BALDEAGLE
    You are most welcome. Your 70-300mm is a good length for bird photography. For wildlife photography you need 2 essential pieces of equipment - patience and a bit of luck. It is easy to assume when you see examples on the web or in magazines that the photographer just walked outside, saw the subject and snapped the shot. Real life isn't like that. My friend who is heavily into bird photography will sit for hours just to get the shot. As a matter of fact, I think he uses the same 70-300mm lens as you.
    To paraphrase a well-known film - it is a mistake to think if you fit an extender "they will come". LOL
    Best regards
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