Tripod issue

I have a tripod and it seems the mount or something is missing. I got it years ago and recently I opened it. What do I do. Is it a waste of will I get a mount or something that holds the camera. Check the pics..


  • How do I add pics
  • You can't add pics on this site, but can put them on some web based server like dropbox or Jumpshare, and link to them.

    As for the tripod, it depends on the brand. There are many inexpensive and not terribly good tripods that probably will be difficult to get parts for, and may not be worth trying. But you can get mounting pads and the like for many, especially the better ones.

    I am assuming that this is a tripod with a quick-release pad, that is meant to stay on the camera, so you can just snap it in in a hurry. Most of the best tripods have these, as well as cheaper ones, and it's very handy. Nowadays many brands share a mount commonly called "Arca Swiss," after the company that introduced it.

    If this is a relatively cheap tripod with plastic pan/tilt (not three way or ball) head, square-section legs, and a center brace, chances are it's not going to be worth the effort, but if it's a bit better, or a name brand, it might be. Many of these tripods have or had plastic mounting plates that resemble each other but may or may not match.

    If you can find a brand, it will help narrow it down, and you might find the part on the web.

    Here's a site that has a lot of quick releases for various tripods, and it might have what you need:
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