upgrading my 3100

I have had my 3100 for years, and its a great little thing... i honestly don't have any problems with it. I have been a big believer in investing in glass rather than upgrading the body. However, I am taking videography this semester and am needing something that will do a little more for me in terms of videos.

Being a college student and photographer who has recently left my day job to pursue growing my photography business... My funds are relatively tight. That being said, I am looking at the 7200.

I am just wanting to get some feedback with this. Is upgrading from 3100 to the 7200 the right call, or are there better options?

Thank you in advance!


  • I've done little with video, but the D7200 is a very good camera in just about every way, and a considerable upgrade in many ways. I currently am using a D7100 (not quite as high ISO, smaller buffer, but mostly similar) and it's a great upgrade from the D3200. My wife has a D7200, and loves it. However, we're concentrated on still photography, so can't really judge on video except to note that it works.

    Much will depend on how much of your use will be in video, and how much you have tied up in glass, as Nikons are thought by some to be less capable in that department than some others, and the D7200 is not the latest in video capability. The D7500 will give you improved video and a tilt rear screen and a few updates, but at the expense of a couple of features dropped, including dual memory cards and the ability to meter with manual lenses - and of course for more money. But if the video specs of the D7200 are within your range, I doubt you can do better for the money in an all around still and video package.

    I have only read about the D7500, which is apparently quite decent, but I know that it is dismissed by some wedding photographers and other pros because of its single memory card and dropping of the provision for an added battery grip. The D7100 and 7200 have two memory cards, which those whose jobs depend on data security consider necessary.

    Capable as the D3x00 cameras are, you'll find, I think, that the D7200 has many features you'll quickly come to like, including better high ISO, really good auto focus, and a number of other conveniences and capabilities. Many of the changes seem minor but end up making a considerable difference in actual use.

    I'd go for the D7200 if the video specs look adequate.

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