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Several auto modes available. How do I get good sunset and fireworks shots?


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    As far as I am aware the 100D does not have scene modes for sunset or fireworks unlike many other cameras so it is time to get down and dirty with settings. I am not going to go into long explanations, but just make suggestions to what you can try.

    Wide angle lens (18-55mm covers this) Prefocus or focussed at infinity
    Av mode with aperture set to F5.6 or F8
    ISO set to 100 with 'high iso long exposure' turned off
    Timed exposure of about 5 or 6 seconds.
    Hints - Try to focus your lens before the event. Be aware that smoke and haze might spoil pictures the further you get into the event so shoot at the start of the display. You can also try shooting video and pick out single frames in post.

    Lens optional (prefer to use 18-55mm and zoom in)
    Av priority set to F11, F16 or at a push F22
    Shoot RAW or RAW+JPG if you might want to post process.
    Compose in Live View (Don't look at sun through viewfinder.)
    ISO set low to either 100 or 200

    I present these suggestions as starting points only. You may have to refine them to suit your environment.
    Good Luck
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