Silicon Camera Protector

Anyone used a protective cover (armor) such as the "Easy Cover" on Amazon? It's a silicon based rubber "skeleton" that is supposed to prevent damage to the camera body from bumps and scrapes.

Sounds interesting, but my guess is there will be some fit problems as well as issues of accessibility to some function buttons and the battery compartment etc., which could make it a pia to have to take off and put back on regularly. I will say it looks 'very cool' especially if you get the yellow color. LOL Would appreciate any comments etc.

As always, thanks in advance.


  • Hi
    My friend bought one of these and to be honest I felt that it was very much gimmicky. His version was tailored to his camera so there was no problem with button or battery access. However, I felt that if dropped from waste height, the silicon would do very little to help the camera especially considering you had a long telephoto lens attached (which isn't protected by silicon) Sod's Law says that the lens would hit the ground first.
    Unless you regularly twirl the camera around your head by its strap, I can't imagine many scenarios where the camera would get bumped or scraped.
    Still if, like my friend, you think it would look 'cool' on your camera then by all means get one. Personally, I think I would rather spend my money on something useful.
    Please note these are my opinions only.
  • I've used the D3200 pretty roughly for several years, and it has suffered very little visible wear and tear except that the print on many of the buttons has worn off. Not much you can do to prevent that. My current D7100, which my wife bought at the same time, and I now use, has even less wear and tear. Neither looks bad. I'd say unless you like the appearance and want something to look different, don't bother. The camera will likely become obsolete or worn out before it's all that shabby.
  • Yep, I agree. More "snake oil" than real benefit. I do a lot of hiking and have had my camera(s) caught on bushes, scratched by rocks, fallen on by me, etc., etc. No real damage just some bumps and bruises. In fact, I take a bit of pride in hauling out my dinged up "shooter" when I'm with others on a field trip. --- still that "camo" cover just might allow me to get that one step closer --- hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Hi @KINGYO
    The "camo" cover will only get you closer if you are the one wearing it!! LOL
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