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Hey there,
I'm going to be borrowing my sister's D5200 to document the first few months of my son's life. I'm very interested in your cheat sheets package because she also has the 55-300mm lens attachment. I have no clue about photography but am reading your stuff as much as possible. My question is, in these cheat sheets, does it tell you how to focus on just the subject( the baby) and blur out the rest of the background. I'm solely going to be using the camera for portraits and of course documenting his first Christmas with lights in the background. Thanks in advance and sorry if this info is already posted somewhere!


  • More or less yes. The cheat sheets will provide settings that work, and that get you out of automatic mode (which will generally not give you the best results), and tell you what adjustments to tweak to make the image better. The effect you're looking for is limited somewhat by the aperture of the lens, and by how much room you have to work in. The larger the aperture (small F number) the better, and the longer the focal length the better. Indoors you're pretty much limited to the 55 mm. end of that lens and it goes down to F4.5, which will be a little bit less juicy than some other lenses, but will give you good results. At least for the D3200 that specific lens is covered.
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