EXIF Mystery

I was shooting some "Moon over water" shots last night with the D5200 using A, and P Exposure programs. (or so I thought) Got some decent keepers and of course a bunch of deletes.) I was looking at the EXIF data and noticed that on two images the White Balance was called out as "Manual", Custom Rendered indicated "Custom Process" as opposed to Normal, and the ISO value is completely missing. I always keep my WB set on Auto, don't really know what Custom Rendered is, but it's
Normal on the other shots, and can't explain why no ISO numbers are visible. Also, Exposure Program is "Undefined".

Unfortunately, I deleted all the images from the camera so I can't review them for clarification. (live and learn) I did cycle through all the Exposure Program settings taking a pic at each, to see if any would recreate the above data. No luck.

Any comment/help/etc., as always is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • That does sound very odd indeed. If you saved the pictures to a computer, you can still get the exif info from many computer programs. The freeware Irfanview gets most of the important ones. There are some exif-specific programs as well into which you can drag and drop an image file. The Nikon View NX-2 and Capture NX-D also pick up the important ones at least.

    In Irfanview, go to the Image Properties.

    Most of the possibilities I can think of involve accidentally hitting some button. Is it possible that the odd images were accidental copies of others, made during the playback?

    One other possibility for the white balance might be if you modified the defaults for either P or A modes.

    I'm not quite sure what features are in the D5200 that are in neither the 3200 nor the 7100, which represent more or less the two extremes of control.

    Of course one other possibility might be a card on its way out, so make sure that you keep an eye on things and keep your files backed up often.
  • Thanks for your input.
    I neglected to mention that I use Adobe Elements to PP and it provides the full gamut of EXIF data, which is where I noticed the glitch in the first place. Yes, since it was dark, I could have pressed something and that may have done it. I suppose I must simply chalk this one up to "Gremlins".

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