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  • Hi there.
    How does taking video work on the 3400?
    I just want to press record and have auto focus like a camcorder.
    Many thanks.
  • It should auto focus in live view video. You may have to read the instructions to make sure you are using the correct AF setting in Live View in order to get continuous focus (AFF) as I'm not entirely sure how it varies from model to model, as do the choices for whether to have continuous focus in video or to have it occur only when desired by pressing the shutter button.

    If you have not found the complete and unabridged instructions, go to the Nikon website and download the owner's manual in PDF form for your camera. It's free. You can then put it on your computer or on your smartphone. There is a smartphone app as well that should make reading it easy. Everything should be in there.

    The printed manual provided is not the full version, and may not include all that is needed.

  • hello there, i recently just purchased a 70-300mm zoom lens and it keeps having a message that says “lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture (largest f/ number”. How do I fix that? What does that mean? This is the first time I’ve encountered this problem, even through all of the other lenses I’ve purchased.
  • @aaykang, it sounds as if you have bought an older "D" type lens which has an aperture ring, unlike the newer ones which have none. In order to mount this lens you must turn the aperture ring (it will be marked with numbers from something around 4 to 22 or so) all the way to the largest number. At that point, there should be a little locking tab you can push which will keep the ring from turning. If this is not a Nikon lens, and has no tab, you must still make sure that the lens is at its minimum aperture.

    You also must make sure when you mount the lens that the little protrusion on the aperture ring pushes down the little switch on the camera body. You'll see a little switch at about 9:00 as you face the front of the camera, and a corresponding protrusion on the back side of the aperture ring. The tab must push the switch down for the camera to accept the lens. I had some issues at first with my D3200, in that some older lenses did not actuate the switch fully. If need be, use a fingernail to make sure the ring has gone all the way, and pushed the switch down, and be careful that it does not bump into the switch and dent or damage it rather than riding over it. Most lenses will work fine, but some have rather sharp corners that don't work as smoothly as they should.

    If this is an older lens with "screwdriver" auto focus, it will not focus with your camera, but the exposure meter should still work.
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