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How can i save the digitaly zoomed in picture on my D3300
I took a picture a good distant away then on play back zoomed into a particular feature. How can I save that feature


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    Sorry, you can't. The zoom is only in the viewfinder. But you can do the same thing in post processing by simply cropping. All digital zooms are really just a crop, and decrease pixel density. The D3300 has a nice sharp dense sensor which can tolerate a good bit of crop.

    Actually, I should modify the above, because you can crop in the camera, using the retouch menu and the "trim" function.

    Best to go over the instructions in the manual to get details on how it's done in your model. If you do not have the full unabridged instructions, get the PDF from the Nikon Web site or from the accompanying CD. The printed manual is seriously abridged and deficient.

    Edit to add: here I have had a D3200 for years and never cropped in the camera, but it's actually very easy. Assuming it's the same on the 3300 here it is:

    Go to the RETOUCH menu, and select "trim." You'll get a display of the available photographs. Select the one you want, and use the plus and minus buttons, just as in a playback, to crop the photograph (the plus to undo if you overdo). You can also change the aspect ratio with the thumb wheel. At the top right you'll see what aspect ratio is being used. You can move the center point of the new crop using the four way control on the camera back.

    The result will not overwrite the original, and be saved as a new JPG on the memory card. Each time you perform such an operation it saves a new JPG and never overwrites existing ones.
  • Thank you Bruto for your reply that helped a lot
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