Shooting Art work with Macro lens

I have a t5i and using Canon Macro 100 mm lens. Just wondering what would be the preferred settings to attempt to shoot fine detailed art work either indoors or outdoors with natural lighting.


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    These are my opinions only. I prefer to shoot fine detail art work indoors near a well lit window draped in net. I use a white board on the opposite side to reflect the light and spread a more even lighting over the subject. My reasons for doing so are that natural light outdoors can, like flash, be sometimes too harsh.
    As for settings, I tend to use Av (aperture priority) set to a wide setting eg F2.8 or F3.5. As fine detailed art is generally flattish you don't need to worry much about depth of field.
    ISO I set to 100, or 200 at most, for good detail. I always use a tripod with any IS turned off.
    This is the time to use Live View shooting and because you have the option to zoom in on the subject you can take advantage of the full time manual focus aspect of your lens to make sure that the focus is spot on.
    As I said at the beginning, these are my views only.
    Best Regards
  • Hi PBked
    Thank you very much for the suggestions. This is my first time shooting art work and was not sure how to begin. With your suggestions, I will give it a try this weekend.
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