Pink dots apearing in photographs

Hey. I recently noticed that my T5i has 2 very small pink dots in every single photo that I take. They are very small and appear in the bottom right hand region of the photographs. I cannot see them in the view finder, however I can see them in the screen before I take a shot. I just did an automatic sensor cleaning and then did a manual cleaning with a cleaning kit with no luck. Has anyone ever experienced this issue before? If you would like to see sample pictures please let me know and I can email them to you so you can see for yourself what I mean.


  • Hi
    Please don't quote me on this, but the only time I have come across this phemomenon involved dead pixels on the sensor. The dots will always be in the same place which more or less rules out dust. However, I have spoken to a friend and he has suggested using the dust delete data utility in your camera. It might be that it will treat the dead pixels as dust and eliminate them from your final photographs.
    The other way is to use photo software to brush out the dots, but you would have to do it for every photo.
    I do hope you continue to search for other answers and prove mine to be incorrect. If you do, please let me know the answer.
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