Nikon D 3400

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  • I have three Nikon d3400's that I want to set up independently, then start all three to start recording video at the same time (or within a few seconds of each other) Can one or three remotes do the trick, or are remotes only for photos and not to start recording video?
  • I don't think you can start video with either the wired or wireless remotes, which only operate the shutter button. In some other models you can reprogram some buttons so that the shutter button starts video but I don't think you can do this otherwise. I looked up the Vello wired remote, which has a couple of other options, but it seems it won't do it either.

    If you can figure out a way to activate recording with the shutter button, you could do it, but otherwise, out of luck I think.
  • @canuckyankee, I note from a post above that it is indeed possible to set the accessory terminal to start video on a D5500, and a quick look at the D3300 instructions on line suggests it can be done there too. It is not possible on a D3200, but it appears that later models have added that feature. Check your instructions and see if it is possible. If you can set the accessory terminal to start video, then I think you will be in luck, though if it requires a wired remote you'll need one for each camera.
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