D3300 55-200mm

How to get sharp bird (say eagle) photographs at 200mm handheld (without tripod).
Today I tried but got blurred images.

Condition: clear sunny day at 8 PM morning.
My settings was:
1/600 F11 ISO 800 Manual Mode 190 mm

Please help.


  • Sorry, one correction, it was 8 AM.
  • Those settings ought to work pretty well, the shutter speed enough if you're panning to follow the bird. You don't specify what focus mode you're using. Make sure it's AFC, and depending on how much of the frame the bird occupies, I'd try single point if it's close, dynamic area if it's far enough to crop.

    It is likely to be a little difficult to get consistent results with this rig, though it is certainly possible. Though all quite decent and capable, the lens is not as fast at focusing as some, and neither is the camera. The better you get at panning, and the closer you can get to the final focus point before you hit the bird, the better.
  • By the way, I should add a little note. If you look around the web at some good nature photographers and their advice, you will find that even the most skilled and the best equipped will tell you that they miss often. Getting a good sharp bird in flight is a challenge. It takes practice and luck, and even then, a good limber finger on the delete button. Keep practicing and keep shooting.
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