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I shoot videos. The file format is .MOV. But this file is not recognized in most of the Samsung dvd players and also not in SONY TVs, which has the usb drive plug in facility. The DVD player has USB connection, which can play MP4, avi, mkv etc files from the pendrives. But it cannot play the .mov files.

Please help , so that i can view the videos (.mov files) in my TV or DVD player.


  • Hi
    What you need is a conversion program to convert your .mov to mp4 or any of the other formats.
    One of the best freebies out there is FREE HD VIDEO CONVERTER FACTORY which boasts that you can learn to use it in 10 seconds. It is simple to use, but has quite advanced features.
  • Hi again
    Just in case you were interested in the free software I recommended, here is the link

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