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I currently am shooting with a D5300, using a 50mm lens. I am thinking about stepping up and getting a full frame camera but want to stay with Nikon. What do you suggest a practical next camera would be?


  • A lot of people like the D750. It might be worth a look. It may depend on whether you are looking to buy new or used or refurbished. Now that the D850 has appeared, there might be some good bargains in used D800 and 810 models. The D610 has fewer features than some, but still has plenty of good stuff.

    One of the former regulars on this forum, "Ohyeahar," had one of the 5x00 family, a D5200, I think, and jumped to the D750 and reported that he was very pleased with it. It seems to deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

    The D750 has had several recalls, but seems to be doing well anyway, and of course a new one should not have the problems of an earlier one. It may seem more problematic than some others, but it's been a very high seller, so maybe it just shows up more.

    It depends a little, I imagine, on what your budget is, and what you are looking to gain. Full frame will give you easier options on wide angle, and better low light capability. The 50 on your current DX camera translates to about 75 mm. equivalent on full frame, but 50 is the normal lens on full frame, a comfortable fit, and very versatile. If your interest is in the somewhat tighter framing of a 50 on DX, an 85 on FX with its tight framing and shallow depth of field is hard to beat. DX has an advantage at the telephoto end, so if you're after sports and wildlife you might still want to consider high end DX models such as the D500 or 7500 (or a leftover 7200).

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