shutter speed

Hi hope someone can help when i use the manual settings and i set the shutter speed i find that every time i take pic the shutter speed changes on its own its driving me nuts is there anything i can do to fix this,


  • Are you using the flash? The shutter speed will never go above the sync speed (200 I think here) if the flash is enabled.
  • no i haven't used the flash but will give it a try tonight thank you for the speedy answer
  • I don't know just what the image replay options on this camera are, but if you can, get the "EXIF" information for a shot you've taken, either in the camera, or in a post-processing program such as Irfanview or an EXIF specific reader. Embedded in ever image file will be information on what aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. was used, and it might help to know what actually happened on a shot.

    In particular, again not sure just how it's enabled on a Canon, but on a Nikon when Auto ISO is enabled, it will change ISO to match the meter even in manual mode, and can thus also over-ride attempts to defy the meter.
  • thank so much bruto, i tried the flash sync and t worked a treat got much better result and the shutter speed did not change i will look at what you have said about getting the information from camera will explore all there is until i get this sorted
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