Advice on sunsets

I have tried taking several sunset pictures and I follow the cheat cards, but I'm still unable to get good shots, I using a 18-55mm, I have tried using with it a CPL, UV, and Fdl filters and still get a glare and they do not turn out well. Any info on what I might be doing wrong. Thanks


  • Filters aren't likely to help, and a UV filter won't do anything on a camera that already has a UV filter in its sensor. A polarizer will help with reflected glare but not direct. I presume the other sensor is a fluorescent light filter and also probably won't help here.

    To minimize flare and glare in a sunset shot, try different angles from the sun, as it can vary greatly. The 18-55 is not terrible, but no zoom is ideal. It may do better with the sun directly ahead than with the sun coming in from an angle. If the sun itself is in the shot, it's always going to blow out. If you try not to blow the sun everything else will be black, including most of the sunset. If you expose for the whole scene, foreground included, the scene will be light and washed-out, and the sky of little interest.

    Try different exposures, including some distinct underexposure. If you're using manual mode remember to disable auto ISO or the camera's meter will not allow you to underexpose. If using S,A or P mode, you can use the exposure compensation.

    For better color, switch your white balance to Cloudy or Shade, and the warm colors will be accentuated.

    If you want a colorful sky and a foreground that is not silhouetted, you really need a graduated ND filter, and the 18-55 lens is not ideal for this, as the front element rotates when it focuses. If you do use this, you should manually focus, and adjust the filter after focus is achieved.

    If you shoot in Raw mode, you can make some adjustments more easily, including white balance, exposure, and opening up shadows. But the best sunset shots are likely to be made in a manner that works with a silhouetted foreground.

  • o.k. I will try that, thank you so much for the information. I will try that.
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