I want to know if I have three cups and I want three photos where the back one must be in focus and then the middle and then the front how do I position it and what is the best settings for it. Ive been struggling for a month I just cant get it right


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    If i have this right, you want three separate photos in which one of the three cups is in focus in each, and the others out.

    If this is correct, then first of all, I suggest you use a fairly wide open aperture, to minimize depth of field, as long a focal length as you can (for the same reason), and use single point, single servo focus aimed at the cup you want. You cannot do this in full auto mode, so you'll need to go to aperture priority, and set your AF to single servo, single point.

    For positioning you'll have to experiment a little, but you want to be fairly low relative to the cups if you want to maximize the focus difference. Focal length will determine the relative sizes of the cups. If you use a short focal length, the depth of field will be greater, and the perspective difference between the near and far cups will be greater - the near one very big, the far one very small. If you use a longer focal length, the depth of field will be shallower and the perspective less. The cups will appear closer together and closer in relative size.

    Depending on distance and focal length you may have to experiment a bit to determine an optimal aperture. If you're using a fast lens close up, or a longer telephoto, your depth of field might be so shallow that even a whole cup is not in focus.

    How far apart the cups are will depend a bit on how much relative depth of field you want, and of course on where you're doing this. If you want them only a bit blurred put them closer together or use a shorter focal length.

    Added note: if your cups are off center, and you need to focus off center, with single servo and single point, you can focus first, then hold the shutter button halfway down and recompose. The focus will stay where you put it. That's often easier than moving the focus point if you're shooting freehand.
  • Here's a little quick and dirty example of how it may differ with different lenses.

    The first shot is with a slowish zoom, set to 55 at F4.5 (mislabeled image). As you can see, the middle cup is in focus, the others somewhat out.\

    The second shot is with a slowish telephoto zoom, here set to 180 mm. and F 5 or so. Focus is on the back cup.

    The third shot, just to show what effect aperture has, is taken with a 50 mm. F1.4 prime lens at F1.4. Obviously, the middle cup is focused, and the others are quite blurred. To duplicate this with a slower lens you must use a longer focal length, and might also wish to put the cups further apart.

  • Thank you the third one is exactly what I should do if im done ill put some here jist to show
  • So, I'm curious what you ended up with?
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