TV mode


The lens i am using for this camera is the 70-200mm 1:2.8 L is ii usm
the main purpose i use this for is action athletics photos. I am wanting to know is TV best for what i am using this for? and i am struggling with what settings i should have it on. i need fast shutter speed but does not seem to give me clear photos??


  • what do i set it on as in A1 servo, A1 Focus
  • i am confused as to what settings i need to put it on ill give examples:
    Quality: - RAW MRAW SRAW
    Jpeg : ???

    evaluative metering ??

    manuel selection?

    flash exposure comp??

    exposure comp./aeb setting?

    when i got the camera all the settings where altered i am wondering if the settings that is was changed to are all correct so when you press the menu button on the camera it comes up with 11 different settings up the top and each individual setting has options i am wondering if anyone knows in each of the cameras settings what they should be at?? i can revert it back to factory settings but thats not always whats best or if anyone could let me know what settings i should put them all on the only thing i use this camera and lens for is action athletics shots. if anyone could help thanks so much

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