action shots

When i first got my nikon D5100 i used it for action shots at my sons football game and then i started doing special occasions. I had my camera for like 4-5 years now. So my question is why all of sudden my pictures come out blurry using the rapid mode. I need help asap because i just volunteered to put my photos on the football team website.


  • I am presuming that you had good sharp pictures in the past, and have not intentionally changed anything.

    Check first of all that your focus point has not moved by accident. Having no lock, it's fairly easy to shift.

    Make sure that no change has accidentally occurred in the focus mode. It's always possible that a mis-hit button might have changed from AFC to AFS or something of the sort.

    One other possibility, a bit more problematic, might be that the lens or camera has developed a problem. Try focusing the lens in question more slowly, and see if it is behaving, and then try shooting something fast to see if its focus has slowed down or is hitting a slow spot. This happened with my 55-300 where something in its gear train intermittently hung up, and it ended up having to be repaired.
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