Vintage lens FD & adapter to EOS Camera

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Hello everybody,

i have many questions about vintage lens that i want to fix on my Canon camera EOS Rebel T3i.

1. What kind of adapter should i use to put FD lens to my camera EOS Rebel T3i? Any specific name? And how much does it cost?

2. When i will use the FD lens on my camera EOS, do i have to use Canon FD lens only or can i use others vintages marks also that i want to experiment (URSS models, Fujian, holga, bokeh or others)? Do i need to buy adapter for all the lens mark ? What should i do?

3. When i will use the FD lens on my camera EOS, how does it work with the speed? Do i have to guess? How does it work?

4. (Not link to the others questions) I use filter ND on my camera EOS and there is a lot of « vignetting ». How can i get less vignetting?

5. what is it a Fotodiox Adapter for Canon FD / New FD / FL lens?

Thank you for all your informations


  • As for the adapters I'm not sure. My son has used an adapter on an older Canon, and had good results, but the lenses he was using were manual anyway, so operation was all manual. I believe the camera still metered, but beyond that I'm not sure. I think there may be a little better automation with FD adapters. He was adapting old Nikon lenses. I believe, though, that with the basic adapters you need to operate entirely manually, or use aperture priority automatic and use stop down metering.

    You would need a different adapter for every different brand of lens mount. If you have a third party lens that used the FD mount, the same adapter would work, but you cannot use, say a Nikon or Yashica mount on a FD adapter.

    If you are getting vignetting with the ND filter, first of all make sure that you are not stacking filters, or using a reducing ring adapter. It is likely to vignette most at the shortest zoom settings and the largest apertures, so see if it works better with the zoom longer and the aperture stopped down some.

    Fotodiox makes a host of different lens adapters for just about every camera and lens, and your best bet is to check out their web site for how they differ. They have a FAQ that includes a lot of information on what adapters fit what lenses, etc. , and the prices are listed on the site.
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