Photos very grainy.

Hi there. I'm hoping someone can help me. I did a shoot over the weekend and for the first time, I experienced really bad grain. I was shooting between the M and S settings. Adjusting shutter speed for some photos gave me good exposure but once I started with post editing, I noticed the terrible quality photos.

I have done a few shoots before and this has never happened. I really feel quite bummed out about this. And I can't seem to find what the problem could have been. Help, please?


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    It would help if you could check the EXIF info for the images that are in question, to see whether the camera chose an inappropriate ISO, or something else happened that you can't tell. If you have the camera on auto ISO, it can easily go high. Auto ISO overrides will appear in red in the EXIF info on the camera.

    You can get the pertinent information by going to the playback menu, and the entry for playback display options. The Overview option should give you the basic information on shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc., and also a histogram that can be handy for exposure adjustment.

    My guess offhand is that the shutter speed you chose simply could not be accomplished in the given light without raising the ISO. It's always going to be a compromise here, since in low light the only way to keep ISO down is to lower shutter speed and open up the lens, which is not always possible beyond a certain point.
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