How many shots are left on the SD card.

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How to view how many shots are left on the SD card.


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    On the information screen you'll see an indication of how many shots are left on the card, which depends on what form you're saving them in. If you are in doubt about where that indication is seen, take the memory card out, turn the camera on, and that will be replaced by a big "E" indicating the memory slot is empty.

    If you use the "i" button to choose what file mode to use, the display will show what your choices are, and a box will appear on the screen showing approximately what size each individual file will be, and how many pictures are left on the card using that mode.

    Note that these figures are approximate. Because some compression is used even on Raw files, the size will depend a little on the information content in an image. I think the estimate assumes the maximum, so you might get a couple more in the end.

    In the instruction manual, (the PDF, but maybe not the printed one) near the end, should be a section with details on the capacity of various sizes of empty cards - or it may just show the capacity for an 8 gigabyte card, which you can multiply as needed. Look for "Memory Card Capacity."
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