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Hi, ive just bought a 2nd hand Nikon D5200. The operating system (Menu) program seems to be very similar to my old Nikon D3200. When i look at tutorials on Youtube the D5200 operating system is far better than the one installed on my D5200. Ive just done a firmware upgrade but this made no difference. Is it possible to change the operating program. Many thanks from a Newbie


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    I'm not aware of any way you can change the system program here.

    I suggest you get the operating manual (PDF file available from Nikon's web site) and look at that to see if there is anything odd about yours. If the menu options shown in the book match those on your camera, then your camera is correct.

    The D5200 should have a few features that are not present in the D3200, including a custom menu, and a "my menu" that can be enabled in place of the "recent settings" menu. There are some hacks by which some firmware options can be changed, at some risk, but none that I've seen would include a complete menu change.

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