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I am currently using Nikon's NX2, but I'm finding a lot of restrictions to what I want to edit. Should I be looking at Photoshop/Lightroom or another program?


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    I imagine Lightroom would be the preferred program to do just about everything, but if you want just a little more capability than you have now, you might try Nikon's Capture NX-D, which is free from their site. It's a bit more versatile than View NX-2. A good program for basic cleanup and resizing, etc. is also the free program Faststone Image Viewer. It can read a Raw file but saves in other formats. It's a good program for editing a Raw file and saving it as a JPG.

    There is also a newer View NX, but if you download that I think it will overwrite your old View NX-2, and some people do not like it so well. You can run the old View NX-2 and Capture NX-d on the same machine, but they save files a little differently and Raw files modified in one may not be usable as Raw in the other.

    I manage most of the time with those, but I think if you're interested in more than basic processing, you should probably bite the bullet and get Lightroom.

    There are other programs out there, and many may work well, but beyond the basics everything needs learning, so if you're going to end up with Lightroom, it might make sense to go there directly.
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