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I did my first shoot using the Monochrome setting today. I was really impressed with the images on the back of the camera, but when I uploaded the images to the computer, the images were in color. I am a little confused as to why the images didn't stay Monochrome.

Is there something you need to do before transferring the images over to keep them Monochrome?
I have tried to make the images B+W using Photoshop, but I am not as happy them as I was on the camera.



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    Hi Elizabeth. I read your post, and got my camera out (D3100), went to the shooting menu to Set Picture Control, and set it to Monochrome. I took a few shots, turned the camera off, took out the SD card, and inserted the card into my computer, and they showed up in black and white on my computer screen. I love shooting in B&W.
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    Hi Decdan,

    Thank you for your reply. I have worked it out, it's because I was shooting in RAW so the Images didn't stay on B&W. I now know to shoot in RAW&JPG so I have both color and B&W. :D
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    Hey, I shoot only in RAW and have just started B&W. It displays on camera in B&W and then SD card to computer in B&W with no switching in menu!
  • How a raw image displays may depend on the program reading it. Most programs, but not all, will use the JPG settings to display it, and thus will show a B&W image in B&W. View NX-2, for example, will do this, even though you can set and unset the picture control to color. Others may refer directly to the Raw file and provide their own presets rather than the camera's JPG presets.
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